Show Water Quality Internship


This course is ONLY available as part of the Show Water Quality Certification program.

K.O.I. Show Water Quality Specialist Internship



Students applying for the Show Water Quality Internship must have already passed the other four courses required to become a K.O.I. Show Water Quality Specialist.  The purpose of the Internship is to give instructors an opportunity to access the student’s knowledge by observing their ability to apply their knowledge in real-life situation.  The student will be under the tutelage and guidance of a qualified Instructor, who will be the person responsible for water quality.   The student must bear their own expense for the purpose of the Internship. 

To pass this Internship, the student must be judged proficient by the Instructor by being able to demonstrate:

  1. The ability to mix and use standard solution for Ammonia testing.
  2. The ability to professionally handle unexpected circumstances, e.g., stressed fish, O2 deficit, injury, inadequate fasting, spawning, high heat and fluctuating temps, too many Koi in a tank, electric shock, loss air, owners requests to remove Koi early.
  3. Understanding of the role and authority of the water quality manager.
  4. Understanding of decisions to be deferred to the proper authority.
  5. Awareness of what WQM should do in advance of the show.
  6. How to do pre-show testing of source water and plan for treatments and amendments.
  7. The ability to properly use water treatment chemicals and prepare appropriate schedules for use.
  8. The ability to make health assessments of sick or injured Koi.
  9. The ability to deal with fouled tanks and take corrective action.
  10. The ability to monitor and correct breaches in bio-security.
  11. The ability to properly empty, sterilize, dry, and prepare tanks for storage.
  12. The ability to prepare and control the use of spare show tanks.
  13. The ability to professionally handle conflicts of authority.
  14. Working knowledge of Koi health and safety rules for exhibitors.
  15. The ability to calculate tank stocking limits, and the ability to deal with overstocked tanks.
  16. The understanding of proper transport techniques.
  17. The ability to design and install an air distribution system, with proper backup.
  18. The ability set up and prepare tanks and splash shields before the Koi arrive.
  19. The ability to prepare and use disinfectant and adequately rinse tanks.
  20. Understanding of the pre-show training syllabus and be able to deliver that training.
  21. The ability to effectively use signage and barriers.
  22.  The skills required of the WQM during the time that Koi are arriving at the show, including bio-security issues, transport problems, disposal of bag water, etc .
  23. The skills required of the WQM during benching and judging, including bio-security risks, stressed Koi, etc.
  24. The ability to test water at the show (ammonia, pH, D.O., temp, ammonia margin, testing test kits) and observe water quality (clarity and precipitates) during the show and take any necessary corrective action.
  25. The ability to keep water testing records, and methods for assuring chemical treatments.
  26. The ability to control the show ring after the show while Koi are leaving.
  27. Knowledge of Koi safety relating to handling during the show, bagging to go home, night checks and security, and proper tank netting.

If the Koi Show has less than 100 Koi entered, an Internship student may be asked to intern at a second Koi Show before becoming Certified.

After passing the Internship, the student will achieve Certification as a K.O.I. Koi Show Water Quality Specialist, and will have demonstrated the capacity to be solely responsibility for the water quality at Koi shows.


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