Know Your Piping!

Know Your Piping!
PDF File - $3
21 Pages
This document is appropriate for all Koi and pond keepers wishing to learn more about the pipe and fitting used to plumb a Koi pond.  It is clearly written and easy to understand, and is illustrated with many diagrams and pictures.
 There are many choices when plumbing a pond.  Most importantly, the correct flow rates and size for each component must be determined.   A good understanding of the plumbing options involved will help with upgrades and retrofits to an existing pond.  This primer on pipe and fittings will help you make good decisions about the type of plumbing parts you buy for your pond.
Learning Objectives:
Koi Keepers reading this ebook will become familiar with:

  • Different types of PVC Pipe
  • Other types of pipe that should or should not be used in pond construction
  • Pipe applications
  • Cutting PVC pipe
  • PVC Schedule 40 connection types
  • PVC Schedule 40 fittings - common fittings and their uses for the pond
  • Priming and gluing
  • How to glue
  • Head loss
  • Bottom drains



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