Alkalinity & pH

Alkalinity and pH
PDF File
7 Pages
This document is appropriate for all Koi and pond keepers wishing to learn more about maintaining a stable pH level in their pond.  It is clearly written and easy to understand.
Knowing only the pH doesn’t give a pond keeper the big picture.  We need to understand the important relationship between pH and alkalinity.  This document provides an easy to understand explanation of the effect that the alkalinity level can have on both the pH and the ecology of our pond.
You likely test your water’s pH, ammonia, and nitrite levels.  You will understand the necessity of adding an Alkalinity (KH) test when checking your water parameters.
Learning Objectives:
Koi Keepers reading this ebook will become familiar with:

  • How to prevent those unsafe and unwanted pH swings in a pond
  • How to properly monitor and adjust the alkalinity   
  • Learn the causes of the alkalinity change and how to prevent/treat them
  • The effects of liner ponds vs. concrete ponds
  • Safe methods of treating changes in alkalinity and pH



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