208 Bio-security, Quarantine & Record Keeping Course

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Learning Objectives:

Koi Keepers enrolling in this course will become familiar with:

  • The practical steps to guard against importing diseases and parasites, and how to prevent their spread
  • Chemicals to disinfect equipment and facilities, and how to use them
  • The requirements for establishing and maintaining an acceptable Quarantine tank
  • "How to" build small, intermediate, and large Quarantine systems
  • Which records to keep and why

Required Material:

All students will need an email address and internet access to the K.O.I. websites
At a minimum, it is recommended that students have reviewed and understand the information presented in the K.O.I. 101 course, available free on this web site to Registered Users. This is an intermediate-level course, and will require some math skills.

Course Description:

This course discusses Biosecurity, of which Quarantining and Record Keeping are part. This course teaches the "why" and the "how" of protecting Koi from the spread of diseases, and how to incorporate good Koi husbandry in every Koi Keeper’s routine. Biosecurity consists of the practices and procedures used to prevent the introduction, emergence, spread, and persistence of infectious agents and disease within and around a Koi habitat. This Course describes practices that help eliminate conditions that can enhance disease susceptibility among the fish.
Course Type:  Level 2 - Koi Health Courses


Course Number:  208


Course Instructor: 

Kelvin Davis

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