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Caveat:  We have written the Guide for intermediate and advanced Koi keepers.  If you don't know where the gills are, or what pH is, you're probably not ready for the Guide.







Ready to help you with all those little things you cannot quite remember or maybe did not even know. Nearly 30 waterproof pages of information, places to add your own info plus useful forms and supplements planned for the future . . .

K.O.I. Members:

  • All new articles on website are made available to members for one month before they can be accessed by non-members.
  • Only members have access to archived articles.
  • 20% discount on eBooks
  • 10% discount on courses
  • Pondside Educational Meetings - more info and to check current schedule
  • Access to fantastic Group Buys of needed Koi care items
  • Member Clubs can get group courses at HALF PRICE for any $25 course (minimum 4 students)
  • Member Clubs can get a group courses at HALF PRICE for any $50 course (minimum 6 students, or $37.50 each for 4-5 students)
  • Member Clubs can get group LABs at $40/student (minimum 3 students)
  • Member Club Newsletter Editors get access to over 100 Archived articles and over 650 Blog entries to provide good content for club newsletters
  • RESEARCH to questions, provided by K.O.I. staff from extensive reference library

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There are 3 options for New Members:

  • FULL Membership with Guide - $24

  • Membership PLUS which includes Guide plus all Supplements - $110

  • Lifetime Membership includes Guide, Supplement plus all future Supplements - $250

     Note:  Memberships expire Sept. 30.  International members wanting a copy of the Guide must pay any shipping charges over $4.

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