K.O.I. Features and Benefits


  • No one has to be a member of K.O.I. to take courses.

  • Anyone can sign up for any course.

  • While we recommend prerequisites for some courses, none are required - we let folks make their own decisions - they have been warned sufficiently about difficult material.

  • An "audit" (buy reading material only) option is offered for most courses. This option has no testing requirements associated with it and makes the audited courses ineligible for credit toward certifications.  Audited courses are also cheaper.  A way to think of these is "just for your own personal info."

  • We offer discounts to members, CKKs and some groups... see web site.

  • We offer various certifications for folks completing specific curricula... see web site.

  • We have a no-quibble refund policy that says essentially if anyone doesn't like one of our courses for any reason and they tell us that (within a reasonable time), we'll give them their money back.



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