KHV - University of Florida Extension Service Article

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Submitted by Karen Pattist on Tue, 09/26/2017 - 15:25

As of September 2017, this is the latest and greatest article available anywhere on KHV. 

This article was published by the University of Florida Extension Service, and written by Kathleen Hartman, Roy Yanong, Deborah Pouder, Denise Petty, Ruth Francis-Floyd, Allen Riggs and Thomas Waltzek. 

It covers the history of KHV, exactly what KHV is, the signs of KHV, how fish get infected, how water temperature affects KHV, how to know if your Koi have KHV, KHV treatments, KHV prevention, how KHV differs from other viral diseases, how humans are affected by KHV, regulatory concerns and whom to contact for more information.  8 pages.  There is also a comparison chart for KHV, SVC and Carp Pox so you can learn to tell the difference.

CLICK HERE to download your copy!

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