Earning a Certificate of Completion as a K.O.I. Master Keeper

Earning a Certificate of Completion as a K.O.I. Master KeeperSM

Summary: To earn a Certificate of Completion and the title of K.O.I. Master Keeper, a person must complete a specific nine-course curriculum.


The difference between earning a Certificate of Completion and becoming Certified is explained in the document entitled, “Becoming Certified vs. Earning a Certificate.”

To earn a Certificate of Completion and status as a K.O.I. Master Keeper, a person needs to complete the courses in the K.O.I. Master Keeper curriculum specified below.

K.O.I. Master Keeper curriculum (five required courses):

301 – Advanced Water Quality

302 - Advanced Koi Diagnosis and Treatment

303 – Advanced Filtration

304 – Advanced Koi Nutrition

320 – Advanced Lab

In addition to the above required courses, the student shall select four (4) elective courses from the following list:

310 – Transporting Koi

311 – KHV Update

312 – Fluid Mechanics

313 – Bacteriology

314 – Advanced Anatomy & Physiology

315 – Water Conservation

Several other courses are anticipated to be added to this electives list in the future.

In general, students must take the final exam by November 15th of the year in which a course was purchased. If the curriculum course bundle is purchased, students will be allotted two (2) calendar years to complete the courses.

If additional time is desired, one-year extensions may be purchased for $25 per single course per year extension or $50 for the nine-course the bundle per year extension. Students who purchase one (1) year extensions will have until November 15th of the following calendar year to complete the course(s). However, all courses must be completed within four (4) calendar years of taking the first course. If not completed within the allotted four-year period, students will be required to repay fees and retake the courses in order to pursue a Certificate of Completion.  In order to qualify for an extension, a student must:

  1. Rspond to enquiries via email
  2. Express plans to complete the course within the extension period
  3. Provide an explanation of why extra time is needed (health or family issues, etc.)

For up to one (1) year after having purchased one (1) or more courses included in the K.O.I. Master Keeper curriculum, students may purchase the entire curriculum course bundle with the amount(s) previously paid given full credit toward the purchase of the bundle with all discounts still being in effect.

These courses are advanced courses and require prerequisite knowledge. It is advised that prospective students complete Level 2 courses before enrolling in Level 3 courses. Students who have not completed the suggested prerequisite courses or, in the course instructor’s sole judgment, do not have the prerequisite knowledge required, may be asked to leave a class and receive a full price-paid refund for that course (proportionally reduced for bundled courses).

Some courses may be started at any time, while others will have specific start and completion dates. Students will be allowed 3 different offerings of a course that has specific start and completion dates. See the Syllabus for each course for the specific requirements and the Courses page for offering times.

All of the courses in this curriculum will be taught online for a fee of $50 each with the following exceptions: the fee for 320 – Advanced Lab and 313 - Bacteriology will be $100 each and the Lab will require in-person attendance. Prices for other courses will be announced as the courses are added. A 33% discount will be offered to students purchasing nine-course curriculum as a bundle, i.e., purchasing courses sufficient for a K.O.I. Master Keeper Certificate of Completion. Members receive an additional 10% discount on all courses and groups of courses.

Once having earned a Certificate of Completion, a person will receive:*

• One (1) K.O.I. pin sent by mail

• A Certificate of Completion sent by mail acknowledging the successful completion of the curriculum and the earned title of K.O.I. Master Keeper

• A $60 credit toward the purchase of K.O.I. courses and/or ebooks

• A 50% discount on K.O.I. ebooks

• A 25% discount on additional individual K.O.I. courses – this discount does not apply to course bundles already discounted.

* Note: Persons seeking Certified Master Koi Keeper status will receive a different completion package – see: Becoming a Master Koi Keeper.

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