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Transporting Koi

Koi are transported for many reasons, and doing it correctly involves preparation and an understanding of the factors involved. Too often, Koi become ill after transport, and many things are blamed when the primary cause was a lack of understanding of the stressors involved at each step in the process. Every effort must be made to minimize stress each time the Koi are handled. Proper equipment and supplies are discussed and methods are recommended to assure that Koi arrive at their destination in the best possible condition.

Koi Diagnosis and Treatment

The Diagnosis and Treatment Course will take the student through many techniques of Koi medicine to include helpful do's and don'ts.  The Course covers diagnosis of Koi diseases and effective and timely treatment that reduces morbidity and prevents death.  The student will learn how diagnostic tools - microscopy and rapid diagnostic tests - and treatment chemicals - allow effective case management.

Water Quality

Water Quality is probably the single, most important aspect to grasp in order to become a keeper of healthy and prospering Koi. The purpose of this course is to instruct the student on how to acquire quality water, how to perform proper testing, how to understand test results, and how to properly react to test results. Learning about water quality and water clarity aren’t the same. Crystal clear water can contain compounds that are deadly to your fish.

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