Level 3 - Advanced Courses

Advanced Nutrition

This is the Advanced Koi Nutrition Course and will go into detail about topics introduced in Course #204.  Course #204 is highly recommended as a pre-requisite for this course.

KOI #314 is a seven week course with regular weekly assignments, and is intended to be completed within 8 weeks.  It is only taught a few times a year, so enrolled  students will be notified of the next start date.

Anoxic Filtration 311

This module is based on an article originally written by Syd Mitchell which expands on the Anoxic Filtration book written by Dr Kevin Novak PhD who developed the system over many years before recommending it as a DIY system that would overcome the drawbacks of conventional filtration.  Anoxic filtration systems are simple to build and relatively inexpensive when compared with the cost of ready-made conventional filter systems.  A correctly set up anoxic system gives near zero ammonia and nitrite readings as would be expected from a good biofiltration system and also will give very low or ev

Advanced Filtration

Our ponds are a limited volume of water. In order to successfully sustain, in a healthy condition, a large number of Koi, we have to re-cycle that water through filters (devices used to remove solids) and bioconverters (devices that remove chemicals).  The purpose of the Advanced Filtration Course is to provide introduce advanced concepts about the how and why of the pond equipment used to improve water quality for Koi. 

563 Koi Pond Modifications

Most Koi pond owners will modify their ponds more than once over the years.  As their experience and knowledge grows, or as their Koi grow or become replaced with better Koi, it becomes apparent to the pond owner that their pond needs to be better or bigger.  This training module will help pond owners decide what needs to be modified and explains the considerations required for making good decisions.  All the pond improvement suggestions in this module require some skill and knowledge.  This module provides information on what to do not how to do.


As a Koi keeper you encounter disease problems. Some of these problems are caused by pathogenic bacteria. This course will address bacteria in general, and the common pathogens of Koi in particular in order to assist you in the often difficult challenge of keeping Koi free of bacterial disease. The course includes animations and movies which are both very helpful in understanding the material presented.



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