Certified Pond Science Specialists

Do You Need HELP Building or Modifying a Pond?

Get Advice from our Certified Pond Science Specialists!

K.O.I. Certifies Pond Science Specialists.  Each candidate must pass the following courses:

K.O.I. 201 – Water Quality
K.O.I. 202 – Construction
K.O.I. 203 – Filtration
K.O.I. 563 – Pond Modifications


Following is a list of Certified Pond Science Specialists:

State City Name Email
CA Mission Viejo Spike Cover scover1@cox.net
CA Woodside Zach Herlick zherlick@gmail.com
CT Rockfall Karen Pattist pattist@snet.net
LA Folsom Sandy Campbell kntrykoi@gmail.com
NY Baldwinsville Steve Babcock steve@pondandyard.com


If you're interested in becoming a Certified Pond Science Specialist, you can learn more by CLICKING HERE

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