Certified Koi Keeper

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A CKK (Certified Koi Keeper) is a person who has either:
  • Met both the completion and continuing education requirements of the CKK curriculum offered by Koi Organisation International, Inc. (K.O.I),  OR
  • Been grandfathered and cross certified from the Koi Health Advisor program and met the continuing education requirements of the CKK program.

If you missed the original offer to become GRANDFATHERED into the CKK program, are a KHA and would like to become a CKK, CLICK HERE.

Feedback from a 2021 CKK Graduate:

"Such a great program - and HUGE support (and encouragement) made it happen!  Thank you all SO MUCH!  I will be celebrating this milestone … have learned so much!  With sincere gratitude and pride to be joining the CKK ranks."

Questions about the CKK program or being a K.O.I. Student?  Contact Kelvin Davis, our Student Coordinator - KelvinDavisKoi@outlook.com


Becoming a CKK

Short Version:  Becoming a CKK takes a computer, usually costs less than $450 total, can easily be accomplished in under a year and it's all done at home!

Here are some of the main features and benefits of the CKK program:


1.  Anyone can participate, i.e., no requirement to belong to any group or subscibe to any publication.

2.  All courses are online.  This includes the Lab which is done online.  This saves literally hundreds of dollars over the KHA program.  BTW - it IS a hands-on Lab!

3.  The money saved by not having to attend an away Lab can be applied to purchase the equipment and supplies needed.

4.  K.O.I. instructors are hands-on Koi keepers with many years of experience.  They have studied the areas in which they teach and have significant personal libraries.  There are currently three American and two British instructors.

5.  Our instructors are ready, willing and able to help and mentor students.  


Here's what it takes to become a CKK:

1.  An Email address

2.  Ability to access and view PDF files

3.  Ability to access and modify Microsoft Word files - necessary to taking online, open-book tests

4.  Have or purchase the following:

     Microscope:  about $50 used to about $110 new
     Text: Advanced Koi Diagnosis and Treatment by Duncan Griffiths (available from the K.O.I. online store for $73 + shipping, or from Duncan's web site)
     Gram Scale:  about $35 new
     Water test kits:  about $35 new
     Miscellaneous expenses:  will vary, but most Koi keepers will already have most items such as nets and tubs

5.  Complete the 9-course CKK curriculum (the 9-course package is $205):

     K.O.I. 201 – Water Quality
     K.O.I. 202 – Pond Construction
     K.O.I. 203 – Pond Filtration
     K.O.I. 204 – Koi Nutrition
     K.O.I. 205 – Koi Anatomy
     K.O.I. 206 – Koi Physiology
     K.O.I. 207 – Koi Diagnosis and Treatment
     K.O.I. 208 – Quarantine, Bio-Security and Record Keeping
     K.O.I. 220 – Koi Lab

The goal of the Certified Koi Keeper (CKK) curriculum is to provide a solid understanding of the primary Koi health and husbandry issues.

Start time:  Most courses may be started at any time, while others will have specific start and end times. See the course description for each course for the specific requirements for that course.

Completion time:  All courses for becoming a Certified Koi Keeper must be completed within 12 months of the first instructor contact. If additional time is desired, 12-month extensions may be purchased for $25 for a single course or $50 for multiple courses. Students may request extensions from the Student Coordinator prior to the expiration of the time originally allotted to complete their course(s). If the student qualifies and buys an extension, the Student Coordinator will issue instructions on how to activate the extension.  In order to qualify for an extension, a student must respond to enquiries via email, express plans to complete the course within the extension period, and provide an explanation of why extra time is needed (health or family issues, etc.).

If purchased separately, the fee for each CKK course is $25, except for the Lab, for which the fee is $50 and the Koi Diagnosis and Treatment course which is $80 (a total of $305). The Lab will require on-line attendance at specific dates and times.

If all 9 courses for becoming a Certified Koi Keeper are purchased as a package, i.e. at the same time, the fee is $205 (a savings of $100). Don't forget - K.O.I. Members receive an additional 10% discount on all courses and groups of courses!


Once having earned their certification, Certified Koi Keepers will receive:

  • A Certified Koi Keeper pin sent by mail
  • A Certified Koi Keeper certificate sent by mail
  • A $30 credit toward the purchase of K.O.I. courses and/or ebooks
  • A template for printable Certified Koi Keeper business cards – sent by email
  • A 50% discount on K.O.I. ebooks
  • A 25% discount on most additional K.O.I. courses and groups of courses (Courses 313, 520 and 521 do not qualify for this discount)

To maintain their certification, Certified Koi Keepers must acquire 15 Continuing Education Units every 2 years. More information about Continuing Education can be found in the K.O.I. Continuing Education Policy.

CLICK HERE to see the New, SIMPLE CE POLICY and Online Form

OH MY!  Did we have FUN at the 2015 PNKCA Lab! 

The lab was available for those seeking CKK Certification (they had the choice of an online lab, or the PNKCA lab), as well as open to all K.O.I. students and past students!

As you can tell, we were a bit silly by the end - here's a group pic, all in Koi hats!

Back row (L to R): Bruce Lott, Sot Chimonas, Karen Pattist, John Seifert, Brady Layman, Syd Mitchell, Spike Cover
Middle row (L to R): Jerry Tyler, Colleen McCalip, Karen Miller, Cheryl Ellison, Monte McQuade, Bill Layman
Front row (L to R): Elizabeth Good, Ken Austin, Nancy Moore, Lucy McNeil, Jorn Beam, Steve Hodgin, Sue Boydstun


!If you're not havin' FUN, you're not doin' it right