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Medicated food has been banned for sale to Koi hobbyists, but it turns out - it's easy to make your own!  Here is an excellent article on how to do it.

I was doing some re-decorating recently, and found these novelty pull knobs...

Herpes virus carp kill in River Murray may sap essential oxygen, research shows.

Parasites are discovered in carp in the mid-Murrumbidgee region of Australia, as testing was being done prior to the proposed release of KHV to control carp in the Murry-Darling basin.

Carp are a freshwater fish native to Asia. Now the most abundant large fresh water fish in some areas — Australia considers them a pest.

Herpes-based carp control plan may stop some Australian fish exports, and causes alarm overseas.

For 25 years a Japanese diver has been friends with a particular fish – and this is for real and not a fairytale.

This is an excellent, albeit long, article about how to mimic the features of mud ponds, and explains why a more controlled pond may actually be better!

New research explains the metallic shine of Gin Rin.

This article looks at some benefits that plants can provide to a Koi pond. 

NOTE:  Some Koi eat plants!  Some Koi do not eat plants - your Koi may or may not 'bother' plants (by 'bother', I have observed that the usual Koi response to water lilies is to pull them out of the pots, eat the roots, and shred the rest).  Most Koi will eat the roots of water hyacinths - but not all Koi do.  So - if you want to add plants to your pond, test using one smaller, less expensive version of each variety, and see which ones the Koi eat, and which ones they don't (if any).


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