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If you had to guess which Koi would get sick...

Ever wonder why some Koi Club's decline over time?

Koi are still used as gifts in China.  This article is about a breeder who is trying to use a gift of Koi to find a wife for her son.

This short article is the New Zealand government's position about Koi.

This is a great little article about Koi, and how one breeder got $1.8 Million for a Grand Champion!  Starts with basics, but the info about color cells and cell depth is fascinating.

Koi should never be released into lakes or streams because of the environmental damage they do.  Read this story about how bad the problem has become in one local lake...

It's kind of like an amazing dream coming to life. Your adorable little goldfish grows into a giant, chasing you around a pond.

Only in this case, 11-year-old Luke Hebb wasn't dreaming when he fished a 16-pound koi out of Lacombe Lake in St. Albert Wednesday morning.

When a vandal killed a collection of Koi from a community park, other Koi keepers have pitched in to replace the loss

If you've ever wondered what happens when an otter discovers a Koi pond in a botanical garden, read this story.  The good news is that the aquarium folks jumped in and saved the remaining Koi.

For those of you who are interested in the status of KHV reports in Japan at the end of 2018, here's the current info (see below).  This is from a Japanese Nishikigoi website.

Have you ever wondered about fish blood and it's components?  The following 2 studies are about platelets (thrombocytes).  Platelets not only facilitate blood clotting, but also provide an important protective barrier, and can be used to determine the age of the Koi.


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