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While this study focuses on salt-water fish, there are implications for all fish keeping.

Scientists have recently discovered that a structure in a fish's inner ear records their metabolic rate.

Read this synopsis of a study that showed the benefits of Koi getting some sun near the surface.

How do fish extract oxygen from the water?  With gills.  Read this quick article on how gills work as well as other systems used by underwater creatures to get O2.

More information on how fish school - apparently at 2 different speeds, using 2 different processes.  Short synopsis below.

This is not a research paper, but a synopsis of a recent (Jan 28 2019) work done by New York University on how fish school.

This is an excellent study on the physical effects of stress on fish.  It documents visible changes to the gills, heart and other organs.

If you have chlorine or chloramine treated water, K.O.I. has always recommended the use of a water shut off timer whenever doing a pond refill.  In fact, they are so cheap (and they do sometimes fail, that Spike now recommends using 2 of them, one after the other.

But there is another way that doesn't involve the use of ANY device.  Read what the Fish Vet in Australia recommends.

Which Koi is most likely to get sick?

Likelihood of success if you have a pond or Koi problem...


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