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Hello Koi Enthusiasts!

This blog is here to provide a spot for various things that do or might pertain to Koi. This stuff is intended for your entertainment, and is not meant to meet the stricter standards of our ebooks and courses, so use this info carefully and at your own risk. The short articles here may be descriptions of techniques that have proved effective, an introduction to new fish research, facts, graphs or just something FUN about fish! This information can be a springboard for your imagination and an entertaining place to learn something new. Information that was first published in Question of the Week can be found here.

The more we learn about Koi, the more FUN this hobby is - and we always say - if you're not havin' FUN, you're not doin' it right!

So what are koi teeth made of?
Shark Teeth are actually scales, that's why they can infinitely grow them back.

Indoor Water Garden: Plants and Ideas to Get You Started
If you ever find your home in need of more calming vibes, just add plants. An indoor water garden gives the look and feel of a serene water feature. It couldn't be easier to set up and requires very little maintenance — pretty great news for newbie gardeners.

This Tropical Plant Looks Like Leaping Goldfish and We're Obsessed
This hanging plant will add a pop of color and fun to any room in the house.

Cape Town aquarium fish keeps pace with boy racing around tank
Adorable footage shows the young boy running around the perimeter of a circular tank at Two Oceans Aquarium, while a Moorish Idol fish keeps pace with him.

Goldfish on Vacation Leads Children on an Unexpected Journey Connecting Generations | Brightly

WATCH: A koi fish aquarium built right into the steps of a HDB unit entryway
Live in an HDB flat with no space big enough for an actual pond to keep Koi fishes? A HDB dweller didn’t let the limited expanse of public housing stop him from building a koi pond at his doorstep. No, literally at his doorstep — the small stairway to a ground-level unit was successful converted...

Here are some wonderful gift ideas for the holidays:

Another reason to love good bacteria:

When Jun Yao started a new job, this electrical engineer wasn’t looking to create a “green” source of power. But chance helped him discover a way to use all-natural protein to turn water into electricity.

Certain animals just seem to have really great PR teams hyping up their reputations. Elephants? Supposedly have steel-trap memory banks. Dogs? Well, we all know dogs are just perfect. But koi fish? No one ever really raves about koi fish...


To see a fish or several fish swimming in your dreamscape is a glimpse into your unconscious mind. Pay close attention to the dream as is may be telling you something you have failed to see lately.

Consider the common phrases associated with fish like ‘a fish out of water’ for instance. Are you in unfamiliar and uncomfortable surroundings...

For those of you who do crochet out there, here’s a pattern for a blanket with a Koi fish on it!  Note it is a paid pattern, here's the link:

Dr. Richmond Loh (the Fish Vet, Australia) has a new video on how you can help save a Koi that's jumped out of water.  See the link below...

Most of us think of the Koi's "slime coat" as the mucus we scrape off when we're looking for parasites under the microscope.  We know that this mucus provides the Koi's primary defense against parasites and bacteria, but it turns out it's natural antibiotics may help scientists develop new drugs to treat multidrug-resistant bacteria in people too.

If you've ever wondered how BIG the hobby is, here's the answer! 

Everyone that keeps fish - whether in a pond or aquarium, needs to know about Mycobacteria!  It not only affects a wide range of fish species (including Koi and goldfish), but it's one of the few fish diseases that affects humans as well!  While it's not curable in fish, in humans it requires many months of treatments.  This video from Fish Vet Dr. Richmond Loh will tell you everything you need to know - but I'll add one more thought - if you have any open sores on your hands, or if you are handling a sick fish - USE GLOVES!

A little humor from our Koi!

1.  Where do we want the Koi to go?

2.  What do Koi do when they discover a hole in the net?

If you have ever wondered how these water quality parameters are related, there's a good description of pH, KH, GH and TDS on Koiphen, The source is not identified for the graphs,

This article is about size change in fish do to global warming, but has an excellent description of why larger Koi require more O2 than smaller Koi.

While this study focuses on salt-water fish, there are implications for all fish keeping.

Scientists have recently discovered that a structure in a fish's inner ear records their metabolic rate.

Read this synopsis of a study that showed the benefits of Koi getting some sun near the surface.

How do fish extract oxygen from the water?  With gills.  Read this quick article on how gills work as well as other systems used by underwater creatures to get O2.

More information on how fish school - apparently at 2 different speeds, using 2 different processes.  Short synopsis below.

This is not a research paper, but a synopsis of a recent (Jan 28 2019) work done by New York University on how fish school.


!If you're not havin' FUN, you're not doin' it right


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