Questions about Salt

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Questions about Salt

July 29, 2018 - 16:00

What kind of salt?

The best salt to use in the pond is normal coarse salt.

Please note that it is not the only salt that you can use. Coarse salt can be obtained from agricultural shops and swimming pool places. If you must, it can also be obtained from a supermarket but be prepared to pay at least five times the price. The reason why coarse salt is preferable is because it is not iodised or contains no an anti-caking substances that may be harmful to the Koi. In my experience, salt that contains iodine has not been found to harm the Koi. The biggest drawback of iodine is the negative impact it may have on the bio-filter.

How often to use salt?

Salt should be used for therapeutic purposes only. It is not a good idea to keep Koi in salted water all the time.  You may create resistant pathogens. Salt will remain in the water and the concentration can only be reduced with water changes. Ad only 3kg of salt per 1000 liters of water that you have replaced. Salt should be used as a specific treatment and it also works well in a quarantine pond.


It is of no use to add a few handfuls of salt to the pond when the fancy hits you. Salt is used for a specific therapeutic effect at the dosage of 3kg per 1000 litre pond water. Higher dosages can be used, but it is not advisable if you are just starting with Koi. A handful of salt every now and then is of no therapeutic value and a waste of money.

How to add the salt to the pond?

It is important not to dump the measured amount of salt directly into the pond or filter. Fish in the pond may be “burned” and Ulcers can develop. If you dump it directly into the filter, Considerable damage to the beneficial bacteria will occur. It is best to dissolve the salt in a bucket and to pour it around the inside of the pond, or slowly pour it at the water return from the filters. The most effective way for me to add any medication to the pond is to add an extension pipe to the venture’s air intake and let this pipe slowly suck the dissolved salt into the pond and disperse it evenly through the water.

By: Chris Neaves

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