Feeding practices for optimal Koi growth

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Feeding practices for optimal Koi growth

July 18, 2018 - 12:25

I found this study while researching for an article on nutrition.  This work was done in 2015, and specifies the number of times to feed per day, the amount and the protein levels for various stages of development in carp (they also cover catfish and prawns).  In many parts of the world, carp is an extremely important protein source and they are thus raised commercially.  As hobbyists, we can certainly learn a lot from these types of studies where the researchers want to understand how to maximize growth in an environment where there is little natural food in the pond.

Of particular interest is the section on feeding practices for carp on page 120 and the conclusions on page 121.  CLICK HERE to

download or read the study on-line.

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