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Chloramine T

July 29, 2018 - 15:22

Chloramine-T (n-chloro-para-toluene sulfonamide sodium salt) like most other Koi medication that we use in bulk, is also used extensively for many other purposes.

The uses include treating water plants, aquatic bio security, dental hygiene as well as a disinfectant for pig-, poultry-, and cattle farming, cooling towers and for veterinarian use. It is also used for disinfecting ion exchange resin.

It is a broad spectrum antibacterial treatment and an excellent choice for the control and elimination of bacterial gill disease, body fungi and bacterial infections.

 The dosage when treating a pond is very dependent on the alkalinity of the water, as well as the dissolved organic content.


Water hardness below 80


Water hardness above 80



2.5 g per 1000 gallons

5 g per 1000 gallons


5 g per 1000 gallons

7.5 g per 1000 gallons


8 g per 1000 gallons

10 g per 1000 gallons

At the above dosage, the impact of Chloramine T on the nitrifying bacteria in a filter system will be negligible.

Chloramine T can also be used to sterilise nets, bowls, feeding troughs and water containers. The normal requirement for a sterilizing agent is speed and safety. In such an instance a dosage of 20 g per gallons will be applicable.

When Chloramine-T is dissolved into a water body like a pond, it slowly breaks down to produce hypochlorous acid (HOCl), which in turn releases chlorine and oxygen.

One word of caution though, the simultaneous use of Sodium Theosulphate will instantly neutralize the Chlorine and render the treatment useless.

Please note:

Chloramine T is not recommended as a high dosage dip for koi.

Chloramine T is safe to use in a pond with a normal therapeutic with salt content.

Aerate the water during treatment

The breakdown of Chloramine-T is speeded up in sunlight, so treatments are best carried out during the late afternoon

UV lights should be switched off during treatment

Dissolve in warm water and spread evenly through pond. Repeat treatment after 5 days

Sodium Theosulfate will neutralise Chloramine T

By: Chris Neaves




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