Benefits of Pond Plants

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Benefits of Pond Plants

June 19, 2018 - 11:19

This article looks at some benefits that plants can provide to a Koi pond. 

NOTE:  Some Koi eat plants!  Some Koi do not eat plants - your Koi may or may not 'bother' plants (by 'bother', I have observed that the usual Koi response to water lilies is to pull them out of the pots, eat the roots, and shred the rest).  Most Koi will eat the roots of water hyacinths - but not all Koi do.  So - if you want to add plants to your pond, test using one smaller, less expensive version of each variety, and see which ones the Koi eat, and which ones they don't (if any).

Koi pond plants involve a bit of work but they provide many benefits.

A Koi pond is all about balance.  You should aim to achieve a balance between live plants & good filtration & a minimal amount of fish = a healthy ecosystem…AKA a clean pond!

Pond plants can provide the following benefits (assuming the pond is located in some sun):

1. They provide cover for your Koi, thus preventing things like sunburn (yes, Koi can sunburn) and predation from birds. Birds, with their keen eyesight have no problem locating your colorful Koi and swooping in to scoop them out of your pond.  NOTE: If you can't see your Koi, then you can't tell when they are sick and need your help.  Make SURE you spend plenty of time observing their normal behavior so that you can tell when their behavior changes, indicating that they are sick.  The only sure way to prevent predation is to cover the pond with a net!

2. Pond plants feed on nitrates, which are the end product of the nitrogen cycle (which starts with the Koi producing ammonia). Nitrates also feed algae and allow them to flourish. Since algae and Koi pond plants compete for the same food, plants may have an affect on certain types of algae growth.

3. Pond plants help lower the water temperature of a pond (located in the sun) by shading it, and thereby also may reduce the day-night temperature differential of your pond. This helps reduce environmental stress on your Koi.

4. Another benefit of Koi pond plants is that by covering some of the water, it may slightly lower the evaporation rate…

5. And they provide nice, shady areas for your fish to relax in.

6. Pond plants also provide excellent cover for Koi fry (Koi babies). While you may not plan on raising any babies, eggs are produced in nearly every pond, and if you do not neutralize the eggs and want fry, pond plants will help ensures that at least a few will survive.

7. The best plant that grows fast and provides the best water filtration is the water hyacinth. They filter contaminants out of the water and produce new oxygen during the day, but like all plants, they consume oxygen at night.

8. Last but not least, the plant life in your pond creates a beautiful backdrop for your colorful and elegant fish!  The aesthetic beauty can really add to the enjoyment of your Koi experience.



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