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It's fall, and lots of Koi keepers are preparing their ponds for the winter.  One of my club members asked me how much salt they should add for the winter.  My reply was NONE!  Read why by clicking on the title or picture...

New technology improves transport of live fish.  Hopefully, one day soon, this will be available for Koi!

Many Koi keepers will tell you that you need to add clay to Koi ponds.  Bentonite or Mortmorillinite clay are what's sold as Koi Clay.  Here's a short article by Syd Mitchell about benefits and disadvantages of using clay.  If you can't come to the PNKCA Convetion June 19-21, 2015 - then take our ON-LINE Lab #220 from the comfort of your own home!  CLICK HERE for more info about the lab.  Full article after the break.

Syd Mitchell explains the science behind how to create a working filter - without fish!  You can meet Syd and your other K.O.I. instructors at the PNKCA Convention, June 19-21, 2015!  CLICK HERE for more about the Convention...  Full article after the break.

This question is answered by Syd Mitchell, after the break...

This article was written by K.O.I. Instructor Ken Austin, for the SKAPA Newsletter.

There is a new monitoring system available for Koi ponds that measures pH and KH3 (not TAN), as well as temperature and water level.  It graphs the results of pH and KH3, and sends alerts to your phone or computer.  WOW!  More info and the web site link below the break...

This information was first posted in "What do YOU think?"    This question tests your knowledge of water quality, and it’s affects on Koi Health.  If you don’t know how harmful Ammonia, Nitrite and pH swings are (all can kill Koi!), download our FREE K.O.I. 101:    


To read the full article, click on the picture or title...

Someone asked me this question, and I researched the following answer.

Ultraviolet lamps are comprised of two electrode filaments (the spring looking wire at each end), a glass and quartz combination vacuum tube, several inert gases and approximately 3 mg of mercury (Hg).

One of my mentors in the Koi hobby was a guy called Roark, who used to have the most fabulous web site!  This article was originally posted on www.click2roark.com.  This is still considered the bible on Potassium Permanganate use.  PLEASE READ COMPLETELY BEFORE  EVER USING PP!


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