Water - Water Quality, Algae, Transport, Cohabitation with Other Species

Recently, someone asked if a water dechlorinating cartridge on the end of a hose might be useful for Koi Pond water changes.  Read our thoughts on the subject by clicking on the title or picture.

This is an excellent article, originally from an aquarium magazine, that explains the problems of chlorine and chloramines in city water supplies.  It mentions  the chemicals or methods you should be using to treat your incoming water, and I have also made a few Koi pond comments.   If you use city water for your pond, you need to read this article!

This is an excellent article by Rosimeri Tran, published in the Central CA Koi Club November 2016 newsletter, about research she did on garden hoses.  Click on the picture or title to read the content.

Nitrate levels may be low, but have you checked what the phosphate levels are?  Red the article below by clicking on the title or picture

This document was provided by the SEAGRANT program, and is 14 pages of everything you ever wanted to know about understanding water quality.  There is so much great material in here, we wanted to provide you a full download for your library!  Share the knowledge with your Koi Kichi friends and club members.  Get to the link by clicking on the title or picture...

Want to know how to get rid of this stuff?  If you were a renewing member – you would get the 4th Guide Supplement as a perk, and it includes a page showing various treatment chemicals and dosages.  If you want to become a member, order the PLUS membership which gives you the Guide PLUS all Supplements!  The String Algae info is in Supplement #4.   K.O.I. wants to be YOUR source for current, accurate and useful information about Koi and ponds!

Do you really want an in-depth understanding of the concepts of Alkalinity and Hardness?  OK - you asked for it!  Download the entire 36 page paper by Boyd, Tucker and Somridhivej published by the Journal of the World Aquaculture Society.  Get to the link by clicking on the title or picture...

Ponds and Koi

General Facts About Water

by Don Harrawood

In case any of you are looking to add to your library of useful books on fish health, there's a 2nd edition of "Ornamental Fishes - Self-Assessment Color Review" coming out in September.  I've used the first edition over the years because it has a unique case-study approach with Q&A, and is written by Greg Lewbart.  Get the link to reserve your copy and learn more by clicking on the picture or title.


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