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A good article if you need some ideas about keeping the birds from your pond.  

"A fish pond can be an excellent way to create a relaxing, welcoming outdoor space, but it can also be an instant attraction for birds looking for an easy meal. If you've put all the work into creating a fish pond, especially a koi pond, it's worth investing in a few well-selected strategies to minimize risks."


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So much to still discover in our world, even when in plain sight. 
"The largest waterlily species in the world has been discovered after a case of mistaken identity that saw it hide in plain sight for 177 years.

Wanting to add some flowering plants to your pond; here is a guide to help you. 

Some great ideas on plants to repel those nasty bugs without using chemicals that are potentually harmful to your koi. 

I so want to make one of these ecosystems for my home. Here is a video on how to do.  

I am slipping this article on my husband's desk. I need a Hori Hori knife!
The tool kit of Japanese master gardeners is the object of envy. Luckily for amateurs, beautifully made and durable Japanese garden tools are within easy reach. Here’s a collection of our favorites.

Indoor Water Garden: Plants and Ideas to Get You Started
If you ever find your home in need of more calming vibes, just add plants. An indoor water garden gives the look and feel of a serene water feature. It couldn't be easier to set up and requires very little maintenance — pretty great news for newbie gardeners.

This Tropical Plant Looks Like Leaping Goldfish and We're Obsessed
This hanging plant will add a pop of color and fun to any room in the house.

Here are some wonderful gift ideas for the holidays:

This brief article by Syd Mitchell explains the part that plants play in the Nitrogen Cycle.


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