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Here is a wonderful site with free downloadable artwork of koi.  The Clip Art Queen will help you with your koi drawings needs.  
Koi fish drawings and sketches of koi fish are intriguing on so many levels. The koi fish are brilliantly colored with shades of gold, orange, red, black and white.
They have a surreal or mystical quality that naturally unleashes creativity. This is why they are often seen depicted in shades of blue and green, even though they aren't naturally available in those shades.

For you android phone users.  I have a iPhone, but my husband might just be surprized when he picks up his phone!

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I have never put bumper stickers on my car, but I must admit I am now getting one!  Here is one of many bumber sticker outlets online. 
Koi Fish Bumper Stickers - CafePress

Share this fun, short animated story with the young at heart in your life. 
Legend Of The Koi Fish - YouTube

"Saba o yomu (鯖を読む)" literally means, "to read the mackerel."  An insult or a complement?  Read this very short article to find out. 

Be ready for your next koi club meeting or your neighborhood gathering around your pond. If the adults don't like these jokes, I know the neighborhood kids will.
Alright, let's swim right into our funny fish jokes. Also get ready for some of the funniest fish puns that you have been herring about.
70 Insanely Funny Fish Jokes For 2021 (keeplaughingforever.com)

Some koi owners never name their fish, while others like me, spend quite a bit of time finding the perfect name for these treasured pets.  So do you name your koi?  Here is a fun article on suggested koi names. I must admit that after reading this article, my next koi may get the suggested name of Carp-e Diem.  

Funny Koi Fish Names
If you've got a sense of humor and want to name your koi fish something funny or lighthearted, know that there are some great options available. Some funny koi fish names include:

For our research minded members, what a great article on the science of genetics of the pigmentation in koi.  Enjoy!

Okay, here are two pages of truly cheesy koi jokes, just in time for your next party!

What do you call a fish with no eyes?     Fsh.
High Class Koi – Cheesy Koi Jokes

A short article on the names of the color variations on koi, along with pictures. 
Koi is the general name for “carp” in Japanese. The name refers to all types of carp, from the simple dull gray fish to highly colored varieties.


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