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A great short article about carp/koi and their meanings and use in different countries. 

Wow, what a fun time these boys had.  
Adorable footage shows two youngsters splashing around in tiny pools filled with giant Koi Carp.
Fish breeder Worawut Chunkum, 42, put the ornamental fish in plastic blue tubs for their mid-year health check up on July 9.
His sons Taechin, 8, and Nischin, 4, climbed into the temporary homes with the fish, splashing around with them in Nan, Thailand.

The loving send off for a beloved koi. 
The ceremony for the majestic fish was held at Nottingham's Pet Crematorium in West Bridgford - with owner saying it was the first of its kind having previously held funerals for mice, rats, dogs, cats, and even tarantulas during lockdown.

The Koi Carp, which did not have a name, belonged to a man who had spent many hours looking after this "wonderful fish" at the Bestwood Park home he shared with his wife.

A Koi Club contact from a monastery and the saving of a pond and its koi. 
Escondido — 

Depending where you live in the world, your pond will have different critters that can been seen if you look close.  Here are some from Britain.
Summer is a time to leave your pond and its wildlife in peace. However, by looking at your pond at night, you might be surprised at what creatures come out when the sun goes down.

A short article on koi and what they have come to represent.

This is a superb article on koi as depicted in art in both China and Japan. Learn about how the koi symbolize life differently in both cultures. 

Okay, are you ready for a dish of carp, it may soon be on the menu!

"To us in America, we think of carp as a bottom-feeding, muddy-tasting fish, which it is sometimes," Dirk Fucik, the owner of Dirk's Fish and Gourmet Shop in Chicago, told the outlet. "But Asian carp is a plankton-feeder. It's a different type of flesh—much cleaner, sweeter-tasting meat."


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