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Medicated food has been banned for sale to Koi hobbyists, but it turns out - it's easy to make your own!  Here is an excellent article on how to do it.

Someone asked that question to the Fish Vet - Dr. Richmond Loh in Australia.  The answer may surprise you!

Read this fascinating article about the new research...  There are definite implications here for Koi growth rates...

We are constantly reminded not to feed our Koi too much - both for the sake of Water Quality, and for the health of the Koi.  And this time of year, some of us are not feeding at all because the water temperature is blow 50 degrees.  But is it possible to feed the Koi too little?

As Koi keepers, we believe that most Koi food has been developed with the nutritional needs of our Koi in mind.  But scientists are finding out that there may be a big difference in the nutritional needs of wild fish vs. fish kept in captivity, and perhaps the nutrients in Koi food will change in the near future to make it even more nutritionally beneficial.

Everyone has heard about using algae to replace carbon based oil and fuels, but did you know research is also taking place to use it as food for fish, replacing fish meal in many aquaculture feeds?

Salmon are some of the most studied fish in the world because they are a target for aquaculture and have been farmed in many countries.  Adding Beta-Glucans to feed has been successful in aiding salmon health.  Beta-Glucans are used for people too, and might be something to look for in Koi feed of the future...

In K.O.I. Nutrition courses, pond owners are taught to read the ingrediants label on their Koi food bags, and fishmeal should be one of the first components.  But is fishmeal sustainable, especially as it is being used in many aquaculture settings other than just Koi?  Read about a new alternative you may see showing up soon in Koi food.

The aquatic environment is full of tantalizing chemicals that can guide a fish to mates or meals.


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