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More than three-quarters of the earth's atmosphere consists of nitrogen, yet only four-hundredths of one percent of the mass of the oceans, atmosphere, and earth's crust is composed of nitrogen.

While this research pertains to wild fish, one of the species studied was Crucian carp, and it shows how easily are fish are affected by environmental agents that are not under our control.

There are many, many stressors for fish.  This study shows that noise can change fish behavior.  The image above show how noise stresses people - just imagine what that picture looks like for Koi!

A new study finds that the presence of exotic fish (non-native, like Koi) in rivers does not alter the native fish response to  environmental pollution, which is a known stressor.    If the competition of non-native species is stressful, and stress is cumulative, then this is an unexpected result.

We've talked about it before in this blog - but here's more proof that water treatment plants are unable to deal with some of the chemicals found in the water, and that they are affecting our fish.  If you are using 'city' water in your pond, this article should be of interest to you.  And what about those of us using 'well water' in our ponds - there are no treatment plants for us?  Makes you think, especially as our Koi are long-lived pets... 

When the water temperature is higher, our Koi require more oxygen.  Read about how global warming may affect all fish species...

A commercial fisherman pulled a live Asian carp out of a northern Illinois river last week about 9 miles from Lake Michigan, prompting a furious dragnet to determine whether more of the voracious fish have evaded electric barriers designed to keep them out of the Great Lakes.

Below is an article about the National Carp Control Plan of Australia, that does a very good job of describing what is currently known.  The decision by the govenment is due at the end of 2018, and studies are being done now...

As the FRDC investigates whether or not it is feasible to release a carp-killing virus, one fisher contemplates a future without his nemesis.

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