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Spreading disease is another problem with people dumping fish in public places...

This is an excellent short article on the challenges of treating for parasites, and why sometimes, alternative methods are more effective than increasing the doses of chemical to kill the parasites.  While this article is about farmed fish - salmon - the parallels to Koi keeping are obvious, and the lessons to be learned may help us in more effective parasite treatment for Koi.  Note that Koi suffer from lice also - albeit a slightly different species...

Murray-Darling carp herpes deemed safe for swimmers, but locals fear 'toxic swirl."

European carp infected with a strain of herpes will not pass the virus — or any other diseases — on to water users who come into contact with them.

This article is by Syd Mitchell - K.O.I.'s Water Quality Instructor - often nominated for Sainthood by his students...  Syd discusses chemicals used to treat a wide variety of problems...

If you are all tracking the story, the Australia government is about to release KHV as an agent to destroy unwanted wild carp in the Murry-Darling basin in Australia.  Below is a copy of the actual Phase 3 Final report for the KHV project and comments, all of which were posted on the PetSmart web site.

In late 2016, the Australian Government commissioned a two-year research and planning process to determine the feasibility of using a virus (known as Cyprinid herpesvirus 3 or CyHV-3) to control invasive European carp (Cyprinus carpio) in Australia [1,2]. 

This is an excellent article written by 3 vets (Roberts, Palmeiro and Weber) that covers:

Those questions and more are answered in this video by Fish Vet Richmond Loh in Australia…  Definitely worth watching!

20 minute webinar recording on "KHV for Koi Owners" by Dr. Jesse Sanders on YouTube.  Covers "What is KHV, How is it transmitted, Symptoms, and Testing."

The most likely problem to arise from introducing herpesvirus to carp populations in Australian waterways is one of effectiveness, according to an international team of researchers including Griffith University Adjunct Research Fellow Dr Jonathan Marshall.


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