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This white paper was written by Ling Jin, on the recommendation by K.O.I.  PLEASE SHARE with all breeders and dealers that you know, so everyone can understand the science behind KHV testing, and how to do it!  Please ALWAYS give attribution to Ling Jin AND K.O.I. when you re-print the paper.

The Australian government has postponed the decision to release Koi Herpes Virus (KHV) for a year, so they can continue to study the timing and effects.

This article is about a recent surgery done at UC Davis - School of Veterinary Medicine.  The Koi survived the surgery and was doing well 10 weeks later.  It should be noted that the vast majority of tumors reappear within a year, and will cause mortality, such that the surgery was more about learning than about the long-term survival of the Koi.

Thanks to Monte McQuade, our own Show Water Quality instructor, for sharing his heartbreaking experience.

While this article by Taro Kodama is a bit commercial in terms of recommending their own products, it does have very good info, and is worth the read!  I did not include, but they do sell, a complete Q tank kit and a complete accessory kit – the both contain a good group of items.

What kind of salt?

The best salt to use in the pond is normal coarse salt.

Methylene Blue comes as a very dark green powder, appearing blue when dissolved in water. Considered a 'traditional' medication for bacterial, fungal and parasitic infections, it is used less frequently as it is highly toxic to plants and will wipe out the bacteria in a biofilter.

The purpose of this article is to assist the Koi keeper during those stressful situations when a “dead” Koi is discovered in or outside a pond. Take heart, it may not be dead but indecision or a lack of knowledge may be the reason that it will soon be really dead.

Most bacteria are less than 1mm in length. Therefore hundreds of thousands of bacteria can fit into a space the size of the full stop at the end of a sentence.

Chloramine-T (n-chloro-para-toluene sulfonamide sodium salt) like most other Koi medication that we use in bulk, is also used extensively for many other purposes.


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