Becoming a Master Koi Keeper

Note: Master Koi Keeper Certification is currently not available awaiting development of some training modules. Availability will be announced on our front page in the future

Becoming a Master Koi KeeperSM

Summary: To become a certified Master Koi Keeper, a person must complete a specific nine-course curriculum and agree to the associated continuing education requirements.


The difference between earning a Certificate of Completion and becoming Certified is explained in the document entitled, “Becoming Certified vs. Earning a Certificate.”

To earn K.O.I. certification as a Master Koi Keeper, a person must complete the courses in the Master Koi Keeper curriculum specified below and agree to the continuing education requirements contained in the K.O.I. Continuing Education Policy:

Master Koi Keeper curriculum (five required courses):

301 – Advanced Water Quality

302 - Advanced Koi Diagnosis and Treatment

303 – Advanced Filtration

304 – Advanced Koi Nutrition

320 – Advanced Lab

In addition to the above required courses, the student shall select four (4) elective courses from the following list:

310 – Transporting Koi

311 – KHV Update

312 – Fluid Mechanics

313 – Bacteriology

314 – Advanced Anatomy & Physiology

315 – Water Conservation

Several other courses are anticipated to be added to this electives list in the future.

In general, students must take the final exam by November 15th of the year in which a course was purchased. However, if the curriculum course bundle is purchased, students will be allotted two (2) calendar years to complete the courses. If additional time is desired, one-year extensions may be purchased for $25 per single course per year extension or $50 for the nine-course the bundle per year extension. Students who purchase one (1) year extensions will have until November 15th of the following calendar year to complete the course(s). However, all courses must be completed within four (4) calendar years of taking the first course. If not completed within the four-years, students will be required to repay fees and retake the courses in order to pursue certification.  In order to qualify for an extension, a student must:

  1. Rspond to enquiries via email
  2. Express plans to complete the course within the extension period
  3. Provide an explanation of why extra time is needed (health or family issues, etc.)

For up to one (1) year after having purchased one (1) or more courses included in the Master Koi Keeper curriculum, students may purchase the entire curriculum course

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