Carlson, Richard E. (REC)

Born:  June 4, 1951 – Chicago, Il                     

Married:  To Maggie, a woman of infinite artistic and culinary talent. My best friend.

One son, Rocky (22), three cats (Bosworth, Emily, and Satan, the heron slayer)

Residence:    9748 Newman Court

                        Manassas, VA 20110


Personal motto:I never met a sick or ugly fish I did not like (and wanted to take home).

Favorite saying: “How do you know if it is a black fish with white markings or a white fish with black markings?”

Goal not met: Wanted to be a lawyer, or second base for the Cubs.

Education: BS, Southern Illinois University

Experience: Fifteen years in the Army (special operations)

                      Over 15 years in the high tech/networking business

                      Former Green Beret medic with an extensive background in medical procedures and processes.

Hobbies other than koi: Baseball and water and plant gardening. Golf, when I have nothing else to do.

Special Interests: Medical and science studies.  Collect and read antique medical books.  I have a complete laboratory in my house for the testing, analysis, and general application of the science of fish and water.


Began koi keeping in 1991 and after killing all of them, vowed  I would learn all there is to know about the fish and its environment. 

Currently I have six ponds: 2500 gals, 1500 gals, and 400 gals (connected as one), 800 gallon pergola pond, a 500 gallon plant pond and a small goldfish pond by the garage.  I have over 60 koi, many of which were trauma cases from pet and pond stores, and every imaginable filter type, including a very successful 500 gallon plant filter. 

My interest in the hobby is solely in the science of the fish and its environment.  I can identify a kohaku as a red and white fish two out of three times.



!If you're not havin' FUN, you're not doin' it right