Badder, Cindy

Hi. My name is Cindy Badder and I live in Mount Washington Ky, a small town outside Louisville. I got interested in koi in 2005 and built a little 1000 gallon pond with 5 koi only a mom could love.  They multiplied and I of course had problems but found a wonderful vet that had a site called Koivet. I read and learned. 
In 2004, Koiphen was born and Stephen and Mary Height gave me the trip of a lifetime to Niigata Japan where I got to buy real Japanese koi. The big buyers were buying #1 koi. I was thrilled with # 435 koi. Koiphen is still the best resource for emergency information. 
I’ve been koi ponding and still learning for 38 years. KHA for 15 years and CKK for 6 years. 
To avoid drama and politics, Sandy Campbell and I built a Facebook group in 2018, All Things Koi, where we can teach the correct way to keep healthy koi.  We currently have 9000 members. 
I currently have a 3000 gallon koi pond and a 400 gallon wakin pond. I’m retired from public schools and then conservation. When I’m not at the ponds, I have a farm with bee hives and I enjoy gardening, embroidery and 9 cats.  I have a hubby, 4 kids and 2 grandkids.    

!If you're not havin' FUN, you're not doin' it right