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December 2017

New Scholarships Available NOW!
Become a Certified Koi Keeper!

The program consists of 9 Courses:
• Anatomy
• Physiology
• Biosecurity, Quarantine & Records
• Nutrition
• Filtration
• Construction
• Water Quality
• Diagnosis & Treatment
• Lab
All 9 courses can be taken on-line
No travel required!

20 Scholarships, First Come First Served!
• 10 K.O.I. & 10 WWKC (requires membership in WWKC)
Sign-ups end December 31, 2017

$100 up-front deposit will be refunded if students:
• Submit short monthly status reports
• Graduate by June 30, 2018

The web site also provides:
• The estimated cost of required supplies
• Estimated time required for each course



FREE Puzzles for the Holidays!

• Koi Terms Crossword
• Koi Hidden Words
• Koi Secret Message & Hidden Words
• Koi Maze
• Koi Fallen Words
• Koi Word Tiles
• Koi Cryptograms


A Gift for K.O.I. Members!
Become a member today! Members receive:
• K.O.I. Waterproof Guide
• 20% Discount on EBooks
• 10% Discount on Courses
• Access to Group Buys
• Access to Archived Articles
• See NEW Articles before anyone else


NEW! All Hands-On Wet Lab
Coming to PNKCA

Convention in Portland, OR – June 1-3, 2018
Full Day with Break Out Sessions:
• Scrape & Scope, Physical Exam, Water Testing Unknowns, Test the Test Kits, Anesthesia, Case Studies and MORE!



November 2017

New Short Course - only $10
#699 Common Koi Parasites
Start to finish in less than 2 hours
1. Buy the Course
2. Download the instructions and Quiz
3. Watch the Video
4. Take Quiz and email for grading
           THAT'S IT!



Revised Water Quality Course #201

• International Units
• Highlights for important ideas, etc.
• Clear, concise explanations of difficult concepts
• Additional charts and graphs to aid understanding



NEW Scholarships - Coming SOON!

• Available starting Dec 1
• First come, first served!
• 10 K.O.I. and 10 WWKC
• Check web site for details!


NEW - List of Certified Pond Science Specialists

(in addition to the CKK and Show Water Quality Specialists lists)



K.O.I.’s 500th Blog Post!
• 10 Categories
• Sort by Author or Date
• Fun and interesting facts about Koi
• Reviews of the latest research




October, 2017

K.O.I Web Site - NEW LOOK
     • Clean, Easy to Read - FAST
     • Now - Easier to Navigate - 2 rows of tabs at the top
     • NEW Content - over 500 Blog articles, read by category

New Short Courses - only $10 - Start to finish in less than 2 hours
1st one available - Using Koi Behavior to Diagnose Problems
     1. Buy the Course
     2. Download the instructions and Quiz
     3. Watch the Video
     4. Take Quiz and email for grading
           THAT'S IT!


Applied Math for Koi - Now free to members, CKKs and students


Supplement #5 is out for the K.O.I. Guide – free with membership renewal – only $15
     • Customize your Guide - new locating tabs
     • 32 new sheets
     • New diagnostic, testing & reference information


K.O.I. Guide Big Book   

• Holds twice as many pages
• Only $5 with renewal

  • Free with new membership


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