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PNKCA Convention, June 1-3, Portland Oregon

K.O.I. will host an ALL-HANDS-ON Wet Lab, 8-5 on June 1.

More Info will be posted on the K.O.I. web site as it become available.

This will not be like any other wet lab!  Rather than teaching by lecture, all participants will rotate through stations learning hands-on procedures.  Topics will include Water Testing, Scrape and Scope to Identify Parasites, Anesthesia, Case Studies and MORE!

The Convention runs for 3 days, and includes workshops, lectures and a pond tour, in addition to the annual banquet and auction.  http://www.pnkca.com/id231.html


If your 501c3 club or org has a Koi event coming up, and would like to have a notice posted here, email your poster/brochure (in pdf or jpg) to Karen - pattist@snet.net


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