K.O.I. ALL-HANDS-ON Wet Lab at the PNKCA Convention 2018

Not Just ANY old lab!  BRAND NEW!

Convention in Portland, OR – June 1-3, 2018

Syd Mitchell coming from England!


Start Time:  9:00am

Lunch on your own, 1 hour

End Time:  5:00pm

ALL Hands-ON Break-Out Sessions:
1. Water quality and testing
     a. Making dilutions
     b. Testing the test kits
     c. Comparing various brands of drop-type kits plus evaluating accuracy of various test strips
     d. Using a digital scale
2. Water quality case studies
     a. Unknowns Testing & Discussion
     b. KH verification Testing & Discussion
3. Anesthesia
     a. Fish handling
     b. Anesthesia, comparing various anesthetics
     c. Mock injections
     d. Gill and Fin snips
     e. Mock ulcer treating and Sealing
4. Microscope work
     a. Scraping a goldfish
     b. Preparing the slide
     c. Adjusting the scope
     d. Scanning the slide
     e. Identifying ALL  parasites
     f. Gill snip
     g. Fin snip


Meet K.O.I. Staff in-person
     - Spike Cover
     - Karen Pattist
     - Monte McQuade
     - Mary Nielsen


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